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Valor Audio, Inc.

MICRO-SHORT™ Straight Plug Soldered Kit

MICRO-SHORT™ Straight Plug Soldered Kit

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The Valor Audio Micro-Short™ Kit features 10-feet of singe-strand 20 AWG Twist-Tight™ cable and10 each Micro-Short™ straight plugs - the shortest soldered straight ¼ phono plug created to date. It features 4 mm entry holes and is just 14 mm tall - 45% smaller than all stubby plugs on the market, along with 1.5 mm solder points for cable up to 18 AWG, soldering directly to tip for lowest resistance, with larger screws than the competitors for easier assembly.


Part#’s: VA-MCRCK-KTR4 (4 mm Cable)

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