Valor Audio, Inc. initially began in September 2016, and was formed as a Delaware Corporation in July 2023 by Mark Stoddard, Major, USA, Ret., and his wife Michelle to provide the global music industry with the best possible solderless and soldered audio plugs, pedal board kits, audio, DC, and power cables, devices, and accessories.

Mark provided similar types of products to the global music industry from 2004 to 2018 with previous company, Lava Cable, LLC., which he started in the heat and combat of Afghanistan.  

Valor Audio, Inc. has teamed up with Reedex, Inc. as its production facility, a company that has been providing cables designed by Mark for more than a decade.

Valor Graphix is an expansion of Mark's nearly two decades experience designing all types of advertising products for Lava Cable and Reedex, many of which were published in numerous magazines.

Mark and Michelle are excited and look forward to providing products and customer service that are second to none to musicians around the world.