Valor Audio

From the creator of Lava Cable comes Valor Audio, a new and improved veteran-owned cable company providing world-class cables, plugs, pedal board kits and accessories for the Global Music Industry.

With more than a decade of designing and producing some of the best guitar cables, plugs and accessories, guitarist and CEO Mark Stoddard, Major USA Ret, is taking cable and plug design to the next level so musicians world-wide can get the best tone possible.

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 As a Green Beret, I have never settled for mediocracy or anything less than my best in the service of our nation. As a musician, I rely on only the very best gear to get the job done. After serving with Mark in Afghanistan in 2004, I have been using his cables with pride, not only because of the superiority of his products, but also because he embodies the ethos of our Special Operations warriors. Mark is a true professional and patriot with the best cables and customer service in the industry, period!  

Billy Varga, SGM USA(R) Guitar, Motorjunkie